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Jonathan H. Ballard[edit]

Jonathan majors as a computer scientist and has four children.

D'Arc Descension[edit]

My first entry into the wikipedia, Jacques D'Arc, was inspired by a handed down family tree. I noticed that many documents stated Joan of Arc was born on 6 January; however, his family tree has her birthday as 16 January. After a some research on the family tree himself, he realized the family tree was researched several times by his ancestors and related families. The family tree stated some mistakes, like how a particular location is spelt, but the birtdate seemed to stand. I questioned the date on Jacques's death, for there is some stories about Isabelle and her husband after 1431, the reported death, but they don't specifically say Jacques was her husband at the time. The family tree has his death at 1440, but the overall impression from many sources seem more solid for 1431. On the birth of Joan of Arc, however, I'll stand on the date 16 Janurary. The overall story stated Isabelle was seen in labor pain at the Feast of Epiphany, 6 January, but there is no evidence that she gave birth that same night or before the next day. Her birth records stated she was born on 16 Janurary 1412. Traditionally, these birth records were written in the books of the priests and in the family's bible(s).

There is some family talk that Jeanne d'Arc fought as an early protestant, but protestants weren't really recognized until the 16th century. A priest baptized her in a catholic church, so it is presumed she is of catholic faith. Well, most of my family that is alive do not follow catholicism – if that provides any evidence. If she did not follow catholicism, I do not see how that would change history.


One of my projects is Atomatrix. An atomatrix, a name given to a defined indivisable structure, constitutes one atomic matrix unit. Many atomatrices bound together can form an object, something perceptible. The Object Space System, Atomatrix OSS, has many procedures to generate and manipulate those objects. It uses a dynamic compiler and a virtual machine to process objects at a higher level than the raw atomatrices. The OSS offers the design and implementation features that are known of popular object orientated program languages.