Dzyarzhynskaya Hara

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Dzyarzhynskaya Hara
Dziaržynskaja hara.jpg
Highest point
Elevation345 m (1,132 ft) [1]
ListingCountry high point
Coordinates53°50′55″N 27°3′55″E / 53.84861°N 27.06528°E / 53.84861; 27.06528Coordinates: 53°50′55″N 27°3′55″E / 53.84861°N 27.06528°E / 53.84861; 27.06528
Dzyarzhynskaya Hara is located in Belarus
Dzyarzhynskaya Hara
Dzyarzhynskaya Hara
Mountain typeHill

Dzyarzhynskaya Hara (Belarusian Дзяржынская гара Dziaržynskaja hara, [dzʲarˈʐɨnskaja]) is the highest point in Belarus. The hill is 345 meters (1,130 ft) above sea level[2] and is located west of Minsk, near Dzyarzhynsk, in the village Skirmuntava. The original name of the hill was Svyataya hara (Святая гара, “Holy mountain”). In 1958 the hill was renamed Dzyarzhynskaya hara, after Felix Dzerzhinsky, the founder of the NKVD/KGB

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