Pavlof Sister

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Pavlof Sister
Pavlof Sister (left), Mt. Pavlof (right) - July 1975
Highest point
Elevation7,027 ft (2,142 m)
Coordinates55°27′27″N 161°51′16″W / 55.45750°N 161.85444°W / 55.45750; -161.85444
LocationAlaska Peninsula, Alaska, U.S.
Parent rangeAleutian Range
Topo mapUSGS Port Moller B-6
Mountain typeStratovolcano
Volcanic arc/beltAleutian Arc
Last eruption1786

Pavlof Sister is a stratovolcano on the Alaska Peninsula. It is a satellite peak of Mount Pavlof, lying directly northeast. The mountain was named by the USGS in 1929. It is considered dormant, as it last erupted in 1786. USGS has the volcano alert level of Pavlof Sister set to unassigned, meaning the volcano is not currently monitored.


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Map showing volcanoes of Alaska. The mark is set at the location of Pavlof Sister.