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Jager is a Dutch occupational surname meaning "hunter". People with this surname include:

  • Durk Jager (born 1943), Dutch businessman in the United States
  • Eric Jager (born 1957), American medievalist and literary critic
  • Evan Jager (born 1989), American long distance runner
  • Finne Jager (born 1984), Dutch trance music DJ and producer
  • Henry Jager (born 1879), New York assemblyman 1921
  • Maja Jager (born 1991), Danish archer
  • Marike Jager (born 1979), Dutch singer-songwriter, guitarist and television presenter
  • Matt Jager (born 1988), Australian golfer
  • Robert E. Jager (born 1939), American composer, music theorist and a conductor
  • Sheila Miyoshi Jager (born 1963), American anthropologist
  • Tom Jager (born 1964), American freestyle swimmer, five-time Olympic champion

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